It should be common knowledge that TRUCE supports and advocates for full-spectrum whole plant medicine patients need and want. This does not mean we categorically oppose the study and possible creation of isolated compounds from a plant to target a specific ailment. There is a significant difference between consuming this botanical with all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids as opposed to a synthetic isolate.

Many modern-day drugs that help people daily are synthesized and modeled after plant compounds. These processes to create these compounds (prescription drugs) and their effect on people go through a rigorous testing process by the FDA that takes up to 10 months and sometimes longer. And there is a long 5 steps process a company submitting a compound for FDA approval has to complete before the drug can even be submitted to the FDA.

However, this is an amazing discovery that has unfolded in cannabis sciences, and more discoveries will come. We need federal action on prohibition; descheduling must happen so researchers and scientists can dive further.

As we learn and discover more about this beautiful herb, the choices should always remain available to patients for either approach, natural or pharmacological. We look forward to more discoveries on both fronts.