"As US support for marijuana legalization continues to grow during a portentous election year, it’s important for voters to know where their lawmakers stand on the issue.

That’s why the cannabis reform group NORML sees fit to release an annual scorecard ranking America’s governors based on their track record of supporting cannabis reform efforts.

This year’s rankings found an increased number of governors receiving a passing grade of C or better, although support for the issue continues to skew Democratic. Only nine governors received a top A grade—all of whom are Democrats—while all eight governors who received an F are Republican.

'Most legislative activity specific to marijuana policy takes place at the state level and America’s governors are our nation’s most powerful state-elected officials,' explained NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri. 'These 50 lawmakers play a key role in whether or not marijuana policy reform advances at the state level so it is vitally important that reformers are aware of where they stand on the issue'.”

Utah's Governor received a C-: https://norml.org/us-governors/governors-scorecard?page=5

"Governor Herbert signed legislation in late 2019 facilitating the production and distribution of medical cannabis products to qualified patients by allowing these activities to be coordinated by private, rather than public, entities.

The new legislation undid various changes initially made by the legislature earlier in the year, several of which were later deemed to be unworkable. [i.e., the legislature deep sixed the ill-fated "Central Fill Pharmacy" which it and the Governor had effusively praised when they created it a year earlier]

Voters in 2018 approved medical cannabis access, but lawmakers eventually decided to replace the law with their own legislation.

The Governor also signed separate legislation, House Bill 431, expunging certain low-level crimes, including misdemeanor marijuana possession offenses."


Check your governor’s grades on cannabis policy

Nine governors got an “A”, eight got an “F.”