Extra! Extra! Read all about it… …federal spy agency acknowledges cannabis users are often people too!

Progress on cannabis in society comes in uneven lumps in both likely and some of the seemingly most unlikely pieces.

For example, the nation's premier spy agency, we learn, has discovered that, well, as the story puts it…

"…the CIA acknowledged that the broad anti-drug policy may seem 'archaic' at a time when more states are legalizing marijuana, but said it was necessary for national security purposes. Even so, the agency made a point of explaining that it does not consider prior drug use to be a moral failing.

'I’m not asserting that those who have experimented with drugs are in some way bad or unworthy" [the CIA's post noted]…

…the CIA post also proactively answered a follow-up question that people might have about whether marijuana is treated the same as other controlled substances if it’s consumed in compliance with state law.

'Marijuana remains illegal under federal law in every state,' the agency said. 'CIA is bound by federal law, which prohibits CIA from granting security clearances to unlawful users of controlled substances, including marijuana. State laws do not supersede those of the federal government'."

This kind of makes a certain kind of sense, even if the sense it makes isn't sensible…. ….if Congress continues to not get real on cannabis law (we had a slightly more colorful metaphor in mind, but we'll be good – but you can use your imaginations, please), then it follows that its creatures – the agencies it creates and funds – are pretty much bound to obey those laws.

So it seems likely this is true (on paper and as official policy at least) for all federal government jobs.

Still, this is a far cry from what the agency was saying only a few years ago.

And we thought it worth noting….


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