Readers: The key phrase here is "if it is anything like the flu" and also "in humans."

"People who have contracted COVID-19 may want to put down the pot.

Aurelius Data is sounding the alarm that tetrahydrocannabinol or THC — the high-inducing component of cannabis — will not mix well with the coronavirus if it is anything like the flu.

'We know that the epidemiology of COVID-19 is similar to the influenza virus and has a similar disease presentation,' said Julie Armstrong, CEO of Aurelius Data. 'And we know that in studies where THC was administered to mice with influenza, we saw an increase in viral loads and a decrease in the immune system to fight off the virus'."

TRUCE's consultant on the processes involved here tells us:

"This study is concerning, but when I checked the level of THC used in the flu study in mice, the dosage would be equivalent to a 100 lb person taking over 3000 mg of THC in one day. They claim that amount is required to reach a serum (blood level) equivalent to a human smoking cannabis because of the low absorption rate in the gastrointestinal tract of mice.

Still, they only used a THC isolate in a corn oil base (not your usual delivery system in humans) and we know that while clinical studies with mice are informative they do not necessarily equate to the results we would see in humans. Further, COVID-19 is a novel virus so I must question the article equating it with the flu."

So presented because it's a study in the news on the hot topic of the day, but we advise you to see it in this context.


COVID-19 won’t interact well with THC if its anything like the flu, data company says

THC testing on mice with influenza revealed an increase in viral loads and a decrease in the ability of the immune system to fight off the virus