"Vaping related illness" update, Part 3:

Much more on the entity known as "Dank Vapes" (and related bad actors working the same angles)….

This article illuminates the twilight zone in which parts of the system grown up during many decades of cannabis prohibition are intersecting with today's legitimate demand, and with all the tools available to illicit players in the internet age to breed situations which can cause great harm, and which otherwise would never have occurred in a more rational legal syste:

"Dank Vapes is probably the biggest conspiracy in the distillate community.”

And with that intro, we'll just get out of the way so you can read on….

NOTE: As promised in the introduction this morning, we will have several more posts in coming days on other aspects of the story. Sunday morning we'll be sharing more about how a diagnosis is emerging and how researchers are starting to understand the biological underpinnings of the disease process which has been cutting down hundreds of young adult lives. And another article on how the legitimate cannabis industry is responding.

#TRUCE – We're all learning together

Dank Vapes Is the “Biggest Conspiracy” in Pot That Can Put You in a Coma

A thriving shadow economy is run on unsuspecting buyers and predatory sellers.