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There will eventually be 14 pharmacies in Utah, but just two are on track to open in March.

“We hope they’re ready to go, you know, everybody has been kind of getting ready for this big day,” says advocate Justin Arriola.

March 1, 2020 is when patients can begin applying for a medical cannabis card.

“It’s a big day, one that I, frankly, didn’t think that we would see now,” Arriola says.

Arriola has seen other states launch their programs. He says the first day can be challenging.

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We expect more than the first day or even the first year are going to prove challenging in multiple ways, but we send all best wishes to Utah’s growers, processors, dispensary operators, their staff in new to the state jobs, the state regulators working for the state, the Compassionate Use Board and more. And of course to all present and future patients.

In particular we hope that the physician/MA/APRN pioneers facilitating the state’s first legal patients receiving their medicines will continue to find they are safe from federal interference…

…though until federal law changes or the government gives a clear policy statement, we will remain concerned for the medical folks willing to extend themselves and will advocate for changes in the dispensing process as well as in other areas that will benefit great from sensible reform.

#TRUCE #ItsAStart


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