We’re still holding off on the party hats and noisemakers, but it seems clear that the reform movement is gathering some real steam in Congress, if mostly (but not wholly) on the blue side of the aisle. (A few libertarian-minded Republicans are actually quite supportive.)

In this latest case, the Chair of one of the most most powerful Congressional Committees has declared himself on board for de-scheduling cannabis (not just moving it to Class 2)(!), and for decriminalizing possession, and making it marriage by imposing a 5% across the board cut of sales for the feds…

….and what Congress collects taxes on, it has never made illegal, haha….

Plus, under the proposal, billions would be saved by winding down this particular aspect of the drug wars… …so a win-win.

Read on for more, gentle TRUCERs… ….recognizing that even majority public opinion, lots of congressional support and even some willingness in the White House to think about such matters does NOT alas, always, or even most often lead to major changes in existing law.

But yeah. The trend remains advocates friend.

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