Utah currently has one commercial lab and one state run lab that tests the cannabis that is sold in Utah medical dispensaries. There are no labs dedicated solely to testing cannabis. The two labs in Utah focus on all agricultural testing and essential oils.

Recently, Aromatic Plant Research Center (APRC), the essential oil lab, reported results for Ice Cream Cake Bud flower from Zion Cultivar containing 45.13% THC which is unrealistically high. Most quality flower tests between 20% and 30% THC levels with 30% results or higher being quite rare.

So, how could flower grown in Utah test at a 45.13% THC level and nobody called Guinness to report a world record? And, how can this happen in a state where our medical program is supposed to treat cannabis like prescribed medicine? A copy of the results are in the comment section below. TRUCE reached out to the lab and challenged the results, and the lab offered to retest the samples in question. TRUCE is submitting those samples this week.

Consumers should feel confident that the information on the label of the product is accurate. Can you imagine going to a pharmacy to pick up a prescription and the pharmacist has inaccurate information on the label. Patients would not tolerate this. Who is liable here?