"As part of the update [of the church handbook for members], a new section about medical marijuana was added.

It states the drug may be used by members when prescribed by a licensed physician and dosage instructions are followed. The use of marijuana in smoking or vaping forms is still prohibited."

Since this advice does not conform with the best medical ways for many patients to use medicinal cannabis (which for many is inhaling), we would hope this will be re-examined ASAP since it is a matter of temporal policy, not religious doctrine, and certainly is not based on best cannabis therapeutics practices.

Medical cannabis is not tobacco which has no healthful use at all, and should not be regarded in the same light in terms of the medical welfare of patients.


Latter-day Saints handbook updates policies, including on medical marijuana

SALT LAKE CITY — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints published updates Friday to 15 chapters of its General Handbook, an online resource for leaders and members throughout the world. It included changes to five chapters and additional clarification about Church policies and guidelines….