Panning the TRUCE lens back out for a glance on the national scene:

"The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights, a coalition made up of more than 200 national organizations, sent a letter on Tuesday imploring lawmakers to cosponsor a bill to federally de-schedule cannabis and promote social equity.

That legislation—the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act—is being sponsored by Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY).

Several civil rights groups, including the Leadership Conference, ACLU and the Drug Policy Alliance, hoped that the MORE Act would be taken up by the chamber before it approved the banking bill, which protects financial institutions that service cannabis businesses from being penalized by federal regulators. After the vote was announced last month, the organizations wrote a letter urging a delay until broader reform advanced."

The movement has been energized by passage of the cannabis banking reform bill in the House, and the de-scheduling bill has a powerful, senior sponsor, although final enactment of that (the banking bill) by the (very stalled) Senate and signing by the (very preoccupied) President is still up in the air.

The new bill is also less wide-ranging and comprehensive than some proposals. That disappoints some activists, but arguably might make it a easier to get enacted into law.

So if in fits and starts and miles to go, the sense of making progress on starting to untie the knot of prohibition continues…


Leading Civil Rights Group Calls On Lawmakers To Support Comprehensive Marijuana Legalization Bill | Marijuana Moment

It’s been about two weeks since the House of Representatives passed bipartisan marijuana banking legislation—and advocacy groups are fired up about moving on to more comprehensive reform. The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights, a coalition made up of more than 200 national organizatio…