If "Marihuana" prohibition ever had any net merit as compared to other social policy solutions for regulating cannabis (spoiler: it didn't and doesn't), here's a commonsense research finding which should surprise no one who's thinking reasonably straight… …showing once again how prohibition creates all kinds of ancillary harms that otherwise never would have happened as well as never achieving its ostensible objectives.

["Marihuana" was the spelling used in the 1937 law to further emphasize that madness inducing "reefer" was a dangerous scourge from south of the border, and the government's pronouncements at the time were sometimes openly and scandalously racist against Mexicans (and in urban areas against African Americans. And that's putting it mildly, as many of you already know.]

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People in states where recreational marijuana is legal were significantly less likely to experience vaping-related lung injuries than those in states where cannabis is prohibited, according to a new study published in an American Medical Association journal. The finding seems to affirm what many ref…