[We may be distancing now, especially as many patients are in various at risk categories for C-19, but we look forward to more normal times down the road whenever they arrive, so we'll happily woolgather a bit about traveling.]

Cannabis tourism…. ….it's not just Amsterdam and Jamaica anymore.

People have been flocking to the capital of the Rocky Mountain high zone for awhile now for more than Pikes Peak and the skiing…. …and it's even making Illinois a more desirable destination.

We live in changing times indeed.


Legalizing Marijuana Boosts Hotel Bookings As Cannabis Tourism Takes Off, Study Shows | Marijuana Moment

Colorado hotel room rentals increased considerably after the state began legal marijuana sales, a newly published study reveals. Washington State also saw increases in tourism after legalization, though the effect there was more modest. The two states were the first in the U.S. to allow adult-use ca…