Frankly, most of us in TRUCE would not put a cannabis bumper sticker with the leaf symbol on our cars either. And for the same reason as the pollees cited in this exercise.

And that's a shame because it shows that stigma persists.

There was an sort-of exception, however. Many of us were very public about our support for Prop 2. Yard signs, window signs, decals, bracelets, buttons – this editor doesn't remember any Prop 2 bumper stickers in particular though.

Did any of you put support for the prop on your vehicles? Who were the materials from if so…??

How would you have responded to this poll?

And how do you demonstrate your support for medical cannabis or general cannabis law reform in general (if you do demonstrate it, that is)??


Marijuana Bumper Stickers? No Thanks, Drivers Say In National Survey | Marijuana Moment

Even as a growing number of states are enacting legalization laws, stigma around marijuana is alive and well in the United States—at least according to a recent survey about the kinds of bumper stickers America’s drivers are willing to put on their vehicles. Drivers said they would be less open …