This is called a beginner's guide, but it's a surprisingly detailed article.

The 3001 law, of course, only allows plain "rectangular gelatinous gummies" or lozenges, thus needlessly keeping many patients away from the best forms of medicine for them. This is (we're told) to protect children from being enticed by attractive cannabis infused foods, and as we've always said, patients and caretakers do need to take care keep any kind of medicine which can adversely effect children away from them, whatever the form and the medicine.

Just as they need to do with legal firearms and dangerous household chemicals.

Whatever, when you're traveling in more relaxed states (which have not been reporting dangerous epidemics of child edible abuse), here's a lot of useful info about how edibles are produced, the forms they can take, and how to best use them.

And many are even very tasty….


Marijuana Edibles: A Beginner’s Guide – Leaf Science

The beginner's guide to edibles is your in-depth guide for all consumable forms of marijuana. Comprehensive guide for what to do, and what not to! Read on!