We know there's a lot of sentiment for making personal use of cannabis legal in Utah as well as medical.

TRUCE members have their own opinions on this, but as a 501(c)3 non-profit org our charter is education on all matters relating to medicinal cannabis use, so we have no position as an organization.

Still, understanding how personal use legalization is effecting medical markets in other states is very much about understanding the medical cannabis universe, so here's an article some might find counter-intuitive at first blush but given how it's playing out in multiple states, the findings make a lot of sense.

As always, your input is appreciated.


Medical Marijuana Costs Rise, Patient Pools Shrink With Full Legalization in California and Other States

When states legalize pot for all adults, long-standing medical marijuana programs take a big hit, in some cases losing more than half their registered patients in just a few years, according to a data analysis by The Associated Press. Much of the decline comes from consumers who, ill or not, got med…