We are always of two minds on news that portends to show that natural, unpatented cannabis compounds may be at least complemented by if not supplanted by synthesized compounds marketed by pharmaceutical companies.

Certainly – as we've shown many times in this blog – adventures in those directions have not been impressive to date.

This could be something else, however. Or again, not. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam certainly has cred in the cannabis science community, having discovered the endocannabinoid system among other breakthroughs.

And these compounds he's been investigating are not chemicals within the reach of conventional breeding techniques. It is also quite possible that they will have critical therapeutic properties that are unique as well.

That said, there is at least some information to sink your teeth into here…


More Potent Than CBD, THC: Dr. Raphael Mechoulam Explains His Latest Discovery

A new discovery allows for the use of previously unused chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant for the treamement of anxiety, nausea, IBD, addiction, and more.