Is cannabis an "essential business" in the age of Covid-19?

"NORML is encouraged that lawmakers and regulators are moving expeditiously to take these common-sense actions. State Policies Coordinator Carly Wolf said, 'The reality that a growing number of jurisdictions have taken these important steps is further evidence of the degree to which above-ground cannabis access is now widely recognized to be an essential part of the fabric of our society, and is regarded as being crucial to patients’ health and welfare'.”

As for "essential" statuses of particular interest to Utah patients, Colorado is a yes, and Nevada (surprisingly?) a no, and dispensaries are closed except that medical delivery is allowed. Delivery, though, obviously doesn't help Utahns since they could not deliver to Utah.

Utah hasn't given our sole dispensary "essential" status, but it's open – and we'll hazard a guess that this is partly because it would have been embarrassing for the state to close its first and only outlet less than a few weeks after (finally!) opening it. We think we can imagine what many of you would have had to say about that, after all the nonsense we've had to wade through to even get to this small milestone….


More States Taking Action to Ensure Uninterrupted Retail Access to…

Here's a state-by-state list of jurisdictions that designate medical cannabis outlets as essential businesses during COVID-19, and which are allowed to provide other options such as curbside pickup, delivery, and virtual doctors visits.