We've known that the most commonly used metabolite test for cannabinoid breakdown products was bad (and useless for determining intoxication and indicating even use within a few days, but we didn't know it was THIS bad…!

Just between us, we question the value, fairness and sense of workplace testing for cannabis, especially in legal and medically legal states, unless employers want to test equally for alcohol and opioids (which would penalize countless prescription patients).

Of course we don't favor that at all – just making a "fair is fair" point.

But when it comes to DUI determinations – we've blogged many stories indicating that current methods have been wholly inadequate. And learning that someone's future could be impacted by having ingested even a small amount of cannabis over a month ago is simply insane.

Read on for the deets….


New Research Shows You Can Test Positive For Cannabis Even If You Haven’t Smoked For Over A Month

If you’re being drug tested, chances are there’s quite a lot riding on the outcome, so you’d hope that the results are at least accurate and reliable. Yet