TRUCE stands as always for unstigmatized access to cannabis medicine for all who can benefit.

Employers don't even know if their employees are taking prescription opioids, anti-depressants or other drugs. Why should they be able to discriminate against their legal cannabis-using patients if they're not impaired at work…??

None that we can think of.

In this article a number of those active in the debate take their stands, including our founder and board chair, Christine Stenquist.

Unsurprisingly we agree. Is it possible to get the Utah Legislature to take such action at this time? Very probably not, but as advocates our clear message is that the time to end this discrimination has come. Period.

What's your take??


New Utah marijuana bill clarifies that private employers don’t need to allow its use

Utah’s new medical marijuana bill running this session clarifies that private employers are not required to accomodate the use of medical marijuana, nor are they barred from having policies restricting it.