Note on the Special Session:

We've been very occupied with sharing all of the breaking news about the rash of serious illness being caused by contamination in the vaping supply chain and haven't had a post on tomorrow's Special Session which is supposed to "fix" HB3001 in several days.

A few things: From all we know, it's hardly going to be completely fixed, although as of this moment, we do expect the Central Fill plan is (thankfully!!) dead, and that other modest changes which have been announced to take place probably will.

Although, things remain in flux and could change for the better or worse at the last minute.

[One hearing and a one day single public hearing. And basic things still up in the air. Is this any democratic process of law-making….??]

In any event, many of the other main structural and philosophical problems in the law will remain.

The good news is that with the prospect of DABC 2.0 apparently gone, i.e., the state is not going to be the purveyor all THC-containing products, and so the rest of the mess can still be fixed in subsequent legislative sessions, special or regular, or by the success of our law suit or by, who knows, future initiatives.

The better than nothing news is that is that some forms of Utah legal product will begin flowing likely early next year (although current targets may yet be missed)

The bad news is that real, full fixes are very likely going to take years regardless. Thanks for not much, Utah Legislature.

We still urge people to let their reps know their opinion on whether the current law needs to be a vehicle for a broader and more comprehensive program.