Real changes are coming to real Utah locations in the first steps of a green revolution in local health care choices.

It's hardly all we wanted, nor close to what's needed, nor what citizens voted for (grrrrrr), but nonetheless, it should serve to remind us that we did what many told us was impossible in 2014 (and '15, and '16, and '17, and '18, lolz), i.e. we (as in you, we, other activists and advocates) got the state over the main hump we set out to conquer first:

Medicinal cannabis is now the law of the land in Utah.

And that is kind of exciting. And if we follow the "typical course" of most programs, as the state gets more comfortable with it, we really do expect it to expand.

Also if federal reform gets traction and more states get on the band wagon, we might see sizable improvements faster than the legislative gang monopolizing every aspect of the program currently intends.

We shall see, but we always want to be hopeful….


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