There's still sooo far to go, but it's still kinda amazing to see actual officials of a town in Utah County talking about the ways they're going to handle legal cannabis without rending and tearing their shirts and hyperventilating about the devil's lettuce….

…that just felt pretty unlikely in 2016.

No, we're hardly satisfied – and there's still reason to doubt that more than a tiny number of patients will be served on the announced rollout schedule, but the beehive state has still been dragged into brand new territory – even if kicking and screaming and with numerous monkey wrenches thrown into the mix.

And our mantra has never changed: safe, legal, convenient access to a full range of cannabis medicine for all who can benefit at fair prices and without stigmatization of patients.

Accept no less from the state, and keep making noise with your voices and votes until it happens!


Orem City Council to decide requirements on medical cannabis growers and pharmacies

The Orem City Council will discuss and vote on requirements for cannabis production establishments and medical cannabis pharmacies in the city during Tuesday’s regular council meeting.