In all the bending and twisting to try and fit medicinal cannabis into Utah in a phony, made up pharmaceutical model, where federally prohibited prescriptions become thinly disguised "dosing parameters" dispensed in "medicinal dosage forms," at the heart of the senseless scheme, the most irrational part is the notion that a registered pharmacist or physician has to be physically present for each transaction in every dispensary….

….Despite the fact that millions of Americans are entering dispensaries and personal use cannabis product stores all over the US every day and just buying their merchandise from budtenders. And not one has ever died and none have experienced serious unpredictable side effects at any higher rate than can be predicted for Utah's upcoming "pharmacies."

And now the state's own website gives the lie to the fact that these pharmacists (most of whom, if not all of whom will have received ZERO education on cannabis in all of their heavily specialized years of education) will be adding any special value to the dispensing process. All that's going to be required of them is the same four hour course that's typical for most dispensary employees around the country.

And in fact, in many states, budtenders get far more cannabis specific training, either by state requirement or on their own. For example, see: http://bit.ly/budtenderprograms

Meanwhile on the state's own site, with a photo (below) illustrating how patients will get their "medicinal dosage forms" with bonus clean white lab coats, in a sealed bag, with no pesky choices to worry about, for only maybe double the cost of Colorado, how a four hour course gives a pharmacist everything they could want to know (that every budtender in America already knows)…

"Pharmacist Education

October is American Pharmacists Month!

Visit TheAnswerPage.com and use the code “pharm2019” and receive a $50 discount on the Utah Medical Cannabis Program 4-Hr Required Course from now until the end of October."

We've gone over the differences between a traditional pharmacy and one of these "medical cannabis pharmacies" before, and just what the important, life critical services that pharmacists do provide which do call on all of their education in a regular pharmacy full of thousands of toxic, strongly interacting pharmaceuticals, so we'll spare you that today…

….And we hate to be snarky, actually. But how can anyone who understands anything about cannabis therapeutics not be….??


Pharmacies – Utah Medical Cannabis

Pharmacy Licenses: The Utah Department of Health will begin accepting applications to operate medical cannabis pharmacies by March 1, 2020. Please review the Pharmacy Fact Sheet for more information. Email medicalcannabis@utah.gov to be receive updates about medical cannabis pharmacy licensing. Medi…