Another new cannabis product which may have medical applications, but which won't be covered under Utah's rigidly defined "medicinal dosage forms" language – along with many others – and more all the time – as statutory language can never keep up with research developments.

On the other hand, it's another "single molecule isolate" form, with unknown manipulations to make it water soluble, so in this particular case do you think it's a product you would use….??

We don't think we would….

#TRUCE… …It's a brave new world out there, folks. Keep your wits about you, look all gift horses in the mouth and take care…..

Pure 10 Dissolvable THC Powder – COOL HUNTING

With 10 individual packets including 10mg of THC each, Ripple’s dissolvable powder is flavorless, and calorie-, sugar- and GMO-free. Thanks to technology developed by Stillwater Brands, the d…