Remember our lawsuit….?

Utah’s lawmakers very seldom even face truly open primaries in our “1 and a quarter” party state, so they’re basically a group of self-selected insiders that the state’s registered Republicans duly rubber stamp in even-numbered Novembers.

This is partly a mostly un-engaged citizenry’s fault, but the pols who could change the system resist moves to open the process up in ways that would actively involve more people.

Anyway, surprise, surprise, here’s a legislator who disagrees that the people’s will should be more important than what our “electa-pointed” legislators think….

…even when it’s bilge that was being spouted in the utterly ridiculous Drug Safe Utah ads…..

“The Legislature was thus faced with the choice [of] the uncontrolled production, trafficking and recreational use of marijuana permitted by the initiative…” …or the bizarre, opponent-written 3001.

Except that’s not what Prop 2 EVER was (or it would NEVER have been approved by the State Senate in 2016 as SB73, which then got routed to a House Committee by Speaker Greg Hughes where he knew it would never even get a hearing).

Here’s more of Rep. Nelson’s wisdom:

“The silent acquiescence of Congress …. also indicates tacit federal approval of state-controlled medical marijuana. Accordingly, the Legislature justly and properly concluded that the compromise … bill would more likely survive federal challenge than the initiative.”

Except Prop 2 is nearly exactly like many successful state laws passing muster under the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment permitting them (a law he didn’t mention), while 3001 requires the state to directly violate federal laws Prop 2 didn’t.

3001 is thus NOT as he claims “more defensible under federal law,” rather it is much less so.

There’s a principle in computer programming called “GIGO” that stands for “Garbage in, garbage out,” and given these two examples of where the man is coming from, that’s what we make of his entire remarks.

But hey, we’re sharing his whole article, so make up your own mind….

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#TRUCE: PS, need we mention that he’s also wrong about the “compromise” being broad-based when it was the product of a few of the powerful state and church voices hashing it out in a back room with a few “little people” thrown in for cover??

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