Follow up on the toxic CBD vape story from two days ago's post…

…if only to reinforce this point:

"While Yolo! may now be history, it wasn’t the only company spiking its CBD products with lethal synthetic marijuana. AP commissioned several lab tests for 30 “suspect” CBD vape products, in other words, products that did not list ingredients on the labels, had no company contact information available, or had bad reputations among vaping communities.

Of the 30 products tested, 10 contained synthetic marijuana. Some of the products contained no CBD at all.

Granted, AP noted the test results are not representative of the CBD vaping industry as a whole. AP’s analysis included a small sample size, and it only analyzed CBD brands with obscure or shady reputations.

Regardless, AP’s findings confirm older studies that concluded CBD products are often not what they’re sold as. Since CBD products are not regulated by the FDA, there are no federal restrictions or requirements regarding the CBD vape oil’s ingredients. So, before you decide to pick up some gimmicky CBD product at a gas station or head shop, maybe reconsider and just stick with smoking weed instead."


Shady CBD Products Are Being Spiked with Synthetic Marijuana

As the lung illness caused by black market vapes continues to grip the nation, there’s another vape-related danger that hasn’t been getting nearly as much attention.