More on Utah's latest dispensary and how the state's program is going…

The article is quite sunny on the "hiccups" the program is having as it struggles to roll out.

"But the problems — an initial backup in issuing cannabis cards, for instance, when the process started last March — are getting addressed. Since late March, the number of medical cannabis cards issued to Utah patients has grown to 3,013, up from 1,076 in late March, according to Richard Oborn, director of the Utah Department of Health’s Center for Medical Cannabis. The number of qualified medical providers who can recommend use of medical cannabis has reached 292, up from 203 in late March."

Hmmmm. As for us, well, you know a lot of the people buying in to the Legislature's way (whoever's behind that) see us as chronic complainers, but the only thing we care about – that we've ever cared about – is how well, how fairly and how many of Utah's patient candidates are being treated…

…and we can't claim to be impressed by only 3013 cards issued nearly a year and a half after the voted to legalize medical cannabis in Utah when estimates are that at least a hundred thousand or more would easily qualify even under the artificially limited conditions model of the 3001 law and the lack of any affirmative program efforts to get more medical professionals involved.

Patient limits, walls of bureaucracy, high prices, limited products, the featherbedding of expensive pharmacists (90% unneeded for any clinical value being provided), etc. continue to plague the program to date.

We're glad to see more legal outlets and we wish Perfect Earth all the best, but we continue to keep in the forefront that this is still (by a country mile) not the medical cannabis program the people voted for, and it is most certainly not a program of the scope and optimized functioning that the state's patients need and deserve.


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