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"Inhaled cannabis temporarily mitigates symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTS), including anxiety and flashbacks, according to clinical trial data published in the Journal of Affective Disorders.

A team of investigators affiliated with Washington State University and the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine assessed the use of marijuana in 404 medical cannabis patients who self-identified as suffering from post-traumatic stress.

On average, respondents 'reported a 62 percent reduction in the severity of intrusive thoughts, a 51 percent reduction in flashbacks, a 67 percent reduction in irritability, and a 57 percent reduction in the severity of anxiety, from before to after inhaling cannabis.'

Researchers reported no significant differences in subjects' outcomes that were attributable to specific varieties of cannabis and or THC/CBD content."


Study: Inhaled Cannabis Provides Temporary Relief of Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms – NORML – Working to Reform Marijuana Laws

"Collectively, these results indicate that cannabis may reduce PTSD symptoms in the short-term."