The Great Packaging Flower Conundrum, Year Two:

We've edited our last post to include much of this information, but in case you missed it….

First we've re-reviewed the language of the bill (see photo and below) – and it is entirely vague on container sizes but it is very clear on "dosing amounts."

The bill states [with to be redacted text removed since facebook doesn't support strikeout text]:

"…for unprocessed cannabis flower, a
803 container described in Section 4-41a-602 that:
804 (A) contains cannabis flowers that have a specific and consistent weight
805 that does not exceed one gram and that varies by no more than 10% from the stated weight;
806 [and]
807 (B) at any time the medical cannabis cardholder transports or possesses the container in
808 public, is contained within an opaque, child-resistant bag that the medical cannabis pharmacy
809 provides…"

We are now hearing (but have seen no clear legislative language or other definitive statements from bill sponsors), that the bottles will be able to hold multiple one gram "doses" – but how will the doses be separated? Cannabis is a plant. Its buds and flowers have all kinds of different shapes. What if part of one dose flakes off?

Further trying to create these one gram doses will remove important terpenes and trichomes and make the medicine lose potency faster. Also not all "grams of cannabis" are created equal in their medicinal effects. It's a plant!

So we apologize for reaching beyond what STILL seems like a logical conclusion from what the bill said, i.e., that the patient would receive separated doses in an opaque child-resistant bag, and stand on our take on the general principles involved.

The endless permutations of the state's "Fear of Flower" just keep proliferating. (But Fear of Flower sounds like an excellent title for a book, no…?!? 😉)

Here's a recommendation: Allow cannabis to be back in one ounce bottles and have the "pharmacy" offer inexpensive scales that can weigh gram amounts. Good quality scales are available at very affordable prices, and let's just end this obsession with "dosage forms." For everyone's sake.