The Netherlands has long had a reputation for being among the most liberal societies on the planet in terms of its regulation of cannabis but as this detailed story shows, its famous "coffeeshops" aside to that hasn't always been the case.

And in terms of medical cannabis the country easily could have been but is surprisingly not really a leader.

Against that backdrop, we learn about one of long time pioneers of medical cannabis, James Burton, whose cannabis story spreads across three continents and going on six decades, while spending his last thirty years doing his best in the Netherlands.

A good read. Enjoy!



The James Burton Story: Medical Cannabis in the Netherlands – Volteface

The start of the controlled cannabis supply chain experiment, where legally produced cannabis will be sold in coffeeshops in ten municipalities, grown by government-designated growers seems to be moving the Netherlands in the direction of cannabis legalisation. What many people don’t know, however…