TRUCE and Utah Veterans for Medical Cannabis have come together to host a conversation on the results of the long-awaited medical study on Post Traumatic Stress that Dr. Sue Sisley will be published later this month.

Salt Lake County Democrat Veterans Caucus Chairman Drew Howells and TRUCE President Christine Stenquist will be joined by Dr. Sue Sisley, Dr. Jim Hutchins, and Veterans Justin Arriola, Matt Curran, Michael Krawitz.

We will talk about what the PTS study says, and specifically what it does not say, and why outdated Harry J. Anslinger/Nixion-era prohibition and government red tape are affecting the outcomes of science and medicine before the studies even begin.

We'll also talk with Veteran Matt Curran, the Chief Operations Officer of Helmand Valley Growers Company about the amazing work they're doing in the areas of research for Medical Cannabis & Post Traumatic Stress

We hope you'll join us!

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