Vaping illness outbreak, Utah update….

In a nutshell: The situation continues to evolve along the lines we've previously reported. The number of known local (and national) cases continues to rise alarmingly. The cause(s) is/are still not clear.

The best (totally effective) preventive measure for now: no vaping of carts.

"Dr. Scott Aberegg, an associate director of medicine over the Pulmonary Care division at the University of Utah Health, said he’s not just worried about the illegally purchased or counterfeit cartridges.

'I think it’s important to not be too alarmist and speak beyond the current evidence that we have, but until we know what’s causing this illness, vaping is something that appears to be capable of causing this illness — regardless of what substances a person is vaping,' he said.

X-rays of patients with severe vaping illness show lungs clouded over with inflammation.

Aberegg said the patients with the most severe illnesses seem to be vaping a very large quantity — sometimes continuously throughout the day.

No matter the quantity, Aberegg said the consequences of vaping are too unclear and he urges people to stop.

'I recommend that no one vape anything until we understand this illness better,' he said."

Be careful out there!


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