We had resisted our lawsuit being sent to federal court, and now it's been sent back to state court. However it's at the state's urging this time… …as in a way half of the suit was in essence won when the state abandoned its extremely ill-advised cockamamie plan to put state government into the cannabis dealing business via 3001's "Central Fill Pharmacy" after several county district attorneys expressed the opinion that this was a patent violation of federal law and noted they would advise their counties not to participate.

So the action wasn't in court but advocates were busy behind the scenes making sure various people were being educated on what a disaster this would have been.

As Fox13 notes: "In a special session earlier this month, the Legislature did away with a state-run dispensary network in favor of more privately-run 'pharmacies….

…TRUCE and the Epilepsy Assoc. of Utah are getting what they wanted, which is the case being sent back to state court. But it is expected they will keep fighting the state over provisions of the replacement bill."

We're pleased that our action (along the effort of others) helped call attention to the unworkable scheme and helped keep the light on it which led to more rational decision-making.

The truly rational decision, however, would have been to track all the way back to the measure the people passed, as the rest of our lawsuit calls for, and as per the sound democratic principles embodied in the state constitution. Which is why we continue to stay on the case, and why this is cause for only minor celebration at best.

And so it goes on. Keep holding your reps' feet to the fire and educate yourself about who's looking to represent you in 2020. The opposition is already working on this. Activists should be as well if we ever expect to see meaningful change in the Legislature and other statewide and Congressional offices.


Utah Attorney General’s Office asks for medical cannabis lawsuit to go back to state court

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Attorney General's Office is asking a lawsuit challenging the legislature's replacement of Proposition 2 to go back to state court. Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education (TRUCE) and the Epilepsy Association of Utah sued last year, challenging the legislature'…