Dispensary locations announced…

[NOTE: We'll call them "pharmacies" when they start filling actual prescriptions, and we won't demean them by calling them pretend pharmacies, so rather, whatever the 3001 law calls them, we're going to call them what they are in the current federal legal situation:

Medical cannabis dispensaries.]

You can see that vast swaths of the state are going to be terribly underserved – including, we note all of southeast and south Salt Lake County (there will nothing south of 2000 S or east of 3600 W below 700 S)

We're told that zoning regulations have something to do with this, but we blog editors haven't got a real understanding of all the factors involved, honestly).

Here's the link to the similar KUTV article, with some small differences: http://bit.ly/1stUtahDispensaries

In Southern Utah particularly, you can see there's going to be some really long drives – like 2-4 hours each way (seat of the pants estimate). We don't know the details of any courier delivery which may be provided, but we do expect it's going to be a notable added cost over those distances. Drivers, gas, vehicle wear and tear, etc.

But for all of this and all the setbacks for the proper (and still very conservative) program we advanced and you voted for…. ….when activists started in 2014, we think few actually believed that this day would come here – and while 16 other states still haven't legalized medicinal cannabis.

So, seeing how we knocked out the Central Fill last year, and other positive changes we expect this year, we still got a LONG way to go, but hot damn, congratulations and thanks to everyone who worked to see this come to pass!!

Now if we can get the regulations on how recommendations are written made as compatible with federal law as they are in other states, some doctors might even be willing to help get cards issued. Although that's not the only factor in their resistance, so again, lots and lots left to do.

We so appreciate your support and continuing activism.


Utah awards medical cannabis ‘pharmacy’ licenses

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Department of Health has announced which companies it has awarded licenses to sell medical cannabis. The health department says it intends to award 14 medical cannabis "pharmacy" licenses to 10 businesses. More than 130 applications from 60 different companies were submit…