"Utah County is now leading the way in embracing legal access to the medicinal plant — despite roundly rejecting the 2018 voter initiative that helped open this pathway in the first place.

Six months into the cannabis program’s full launch, Utah County accounts for 44% of the patient cardholders in the state — far outstripping the more populous and socially progressive Salt Lake County.

Keller isn’t surprised by this. Now that there’s an official framework for using medical cannabis, she said, Utah County’s devout residents will follow it to the letter."

Readers and any patients are well aware of the many inadequacies in the "compromise law," however, Utah voters did establish legal medical cannabis in Utah and the legislature set up rudimentary channels to deliver it (with great difficulty and at high prices), and here we see that it has some value in terms of normalizing cannabis use in communities which have previously shied away from it.

And that's not a complete win, but it is a win…


Utah County, where voters spurned Prop 2, is home to nearly half the state’s cannabis cardholders

Megan Keller, an Orem massage therapist, was preparing for a client last week when exhaustion washed over her along with the sensation she recognized as an “aura,” the telltale sign that a seizure was building in her body.