An interesting article. Not specifically a result of Prop 2 having passed, in our evaluation, but not entirely unrelated either and an indicator of a maturing attitude at some levels of law enforcement in certain jurisdictions of the state, notably, in this case, Utah County, which is not necessarily where one might expect such reformist attitudes to take root first.

The drug cases this DA plans to de-emphasize are a broader range than cannabis-related infractions btw. We've long felt that a treatment rather than a punishment approach will be more productive in helping to reduce the scourge of drug dependence for opioids, cocaine and other seriously dependency-inducing substances.

There's plenty to discuss here as social policy is complex and has many aspects and manifestations, but we do find things to view positively here.

What are your takes?


Utah County’s top prosecutor is moving away from drug cases — but not everyone is on board

Provo • In his first year in office, Utah County Attorney David Leavitt examined what cases his prosecutors pursued and decided to make some changes.