Nobody ever promised us in 2014 that establishing a sound medical cannabis program in Utah meeting our founding goals of legal, non-stigmatized, reasonably ready access for all who could benefit at affordable prices would be easy to achieve….

….but a year after the people passed Prop 2, and the powers that be stepped in to "improve" it in "the Utah way," we still end up shaking our fists at the sky some days, because, damn, it just didn't have to be this hard….


[PS: Thanks as always to Ben Winslow for staying on the Utah cannabis beat with ever solid reporting that helps keep the state's feet to the fire.]

Utah doctors can recommend medical cannabis, but patients struggle to find those willing to

HERRIMAN, Utah — Leah McClellan is on hospice. The 8-year-old girl is diagnosed with a rare condition called SCN8A. "Bottom line? It’s a complicated neurological disorder and as a result she has several failures in her body. She’s in a lot of pain often," said her father, Chad McClellan. "As a …