The return of the "Utah way"……

We could comment on a lot of aspects of this, but we've really had a number of says on the topic of late.

However, for context, there are anti-vaping bills being written and considered in other states, e.g., in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, California, South Carolina, etc. – and a Congressional bill in Washington DC.

We haven't compared the details in detail, but from what we see, only the Utah bill (surprise?) calls for the confiscation and destruction of seized nicotine vape units (which could include devices selling for $10 to $300) and for turning over THC style vape rigs to the police. So it certainly goes far beyond banning the sale of flavored vape juice we've seen in various headlines.

(And breaking our word to not comment, lol, these aspects certainly raise troublesome questions about the proper relationships between schools and students and between schools and law enforcement.)

Here's a sample of other proposed bills for those interested:

Ohio: https://www.cleveland19.com/…/bill-that-would-ban-flavored…/

Mass: https://www.boston.com/…/massachusetts-bill-ban-all-flavore…

Pennsylvania: https://www.inquirer.com/…/flavored-e-cigarette-ban-vaping-…

In some places, though, there's a push in the other direction, e.g., in Michigan:


Again, what's your take?


Utah House to take up vaping bill; Romney pushes for nationwide ban on flavoring

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Legislature is moving forward with a bill to address electronic cigarette use by minors. Rep. Susan Pulsipher is crafting a bill that would allow school administrators to confiscate and destroy e-cigarette devices found in students' possession on while on campus, and to t…