Not only in Utah, but so the mentality here:

Apparently it hasn't occurred to this genius legislator that all of the deaths have come from products that are ALREADY banned in Utah!

So his bill will help exactly how…? It is to laugh, except it's far from funny.

The proposed remedy would in fact would drive the practices even further underground where they'll remain entirely unregulated and be even more dangerous to more people.

Meanwhile cigarette smoking will continue to cause many many thousands of serious illness and deaths per year.

The government is well-advised not to remove an important tobacco harm reduction measure in its zeal to protect youth from becoming addicted to nicotine. There are many far more measured steps that can be taken to deal with that issue.

And in terms of medicinal cannabis, he'll almost certainly rob Utah's patients of access to unprocessed herbal medicine altogether, thus depriving us of the most commonly used and most studied forms of cannabis therapeutics altogether, and further increasing what are already promising to be punishingly high medicine costs.

Remember, vaping of dry herbal whole plant cannabis is not associated with ANY harms anywhere, let alone any fatalities. But our guess is that pathway would be taken out at the same time.

More prohibition mentality madness.

Don't forget the importance of you readers fully expressing yourselves…


Utah Lawmaker Calls For Total Ban On All Vaping Products

A Utah lawmaker, who called for a ban on flavored oils for vapers now says he wants to ban all vaping products from the state.