Fox 13's Ben Winslow probably has the best and broadest overall understanding of the Utah medical cannabis story of any reporter in the state – he's been on it for years, he knows all the principals and he really invests energy in making complex issues comprehensible without picking sides.

And… …there's no firewall preventing you from from reading the article which those trying to access SL Trib articles encounter after their free allotment.

[An aside for a TRUCE shout out: The Trib does some excellent work as well, and like so many local papers around the country – the ones which haven't folded at least – are dealing with hard financial times. It costs money to field local reporters and dig into local stories and papers don't have the revenue stream a TV station has, so we urge those who value more diverse voices in the state who can to subscribe to keep more than just the Deseret News around (a paper which has a backer with very deep pockets).]

Back to this story, Christine Stenquist, TRUCE Executive Director, states our position in the article, so since there's a lot about the upcoming changes covered here, we'll just note there's some good news, and some not so good news, and many puzzle pieces are still in motion as the special session approaches…..

….and with that, we'll step out of the way and let you get to to the article… …and then we look forward to your reactions in our forum…..


Utah lawmakers are making more changes to the medical cannabis program, but may miss deadlines

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah lawmakers have unveiled a bill that makes big changes to the state's medical cannabis program. But they also acknowledged it is possible they blow past a deadline to have a working system up and running by March 1, 2020. It was brought up at the only hearing scheduled for the….