Christine Stenquist: "We are far from getting what patients deserve and truly need.

We continue to deal with ego trips of small minded men in positions of power. Don't be fooled by those touting claims of being for the patients as they continue to play their grift out in the public space.

Those who sacrifice patients for poltical favors deserve your vitriol."

From the Forbes article linked below….

…Thanks to Stenquist and the others, the central fill pharmacy concept with government-run pharmacies was abandoned in a draft bill supported by Governor Herbert.

“The biggest thing the lawsuit did—besides getting rid of the central fill—was that it actually shows to the legislators that the people are united. The central fill concept was the biggest poison pill,” Stenquist explains. “I felt that if we could at least get that removed, we could have a victory and keep chiseling away."



Utah Medical Cannabis Advocates Gain Ground After Lawsuit

For Utahns like Christine Stenquist, Nathan Kizerian, Douglas Rice, and Andrew Talbott, M.D., unfettered access to medical cannabis is essential. They banded together to fight when Utah’s voter-approved medical cannabis initiative was hijacked.