Software bug or foot-dragging feature….??

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The software that acts as the backbone of the state’s cannabis program has crashed or otherwise slowed down business too often, they say, and their requests for technical help don’t always receive a swift response. They also complain about a product testing bottleneck that has created gaps on their shelves.

“There’s a slew of product just sitting there from a number of different growers that haven’t gotten test results,” said Narith Panh, chief strategy officer for Dragonfly Wellness, the Salt Lake City pharmacy.

These delays mean pharmacies aren’t able to offer a full array of treatments, particularly raw cannabis flower, he continued.

“We’re constantly out of stock of product,” he said. “As soon as we get it in, we immediately sell out of it.”

Greta Brandt, who helps run Utah’s two other open medical cannabis pharmacies, said her company is running into problems with the software the state has chosen to keep track of marijuana products in the supply chain. Making matters worse, the company, MJ Freeway, isn’t acting quickly to correct these bugs as they crop up, she added.

“I don’t believe that they have enough resources set aside for Utah, and it’s really scary from an operations standpoint to think about when all these pharmacies come online and all the cultivators come online,” said Brandt, president of True North of Utah. “They are just going to be even slower to respond.”

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The state chose the cheapest bid. MJ Freeway delivered, errr, at least "delivered" about on par with its track record, that is. (As the adage goes… You get what you pay for.)

Was this track record from other states somehow knowable in advance, so that another vendor could have been chosen? A simple google search reveals the kind of problems other states were having with this company and the system.

For example see: "MJ Freeway Problems Cripple Washington State Cannabis Industry" July 19, 2019


Lots of balls being dropped here, people. And we empathize with the frustrations the vendors are feeling as the lack of supply in their dispensaries is what patients see and it's only natural for patients to start to blame the companies which is the point of contact they see, but who actually have little control here.


Utah’s cannabis pharmacies say testing logjam, software glitches are slowing sales

Most medical cannabis programs experience a few growing pains when they’re ramping up, struggling with delays, supply chain hitches and the occasional lawsuit.