On track… …by a technicality… …legal medicinal cannabis comes to Utah tomorrow…

"State leaders have repeatedly promised to have a medical cannabis program running by March 1. On Monday, only one dispensary — Dragonfly Wellness at 711 S. State Street in Salt Lake City — will open and its product is expected to be limited. However, the state will have begun offering cannabis to qualifying patients as voters demanded.

Utah will allow patients who have an 'affirmative defense letter' to travel out of state to purchase marijuana products until the end of this year. Then they must have a medical cannabis card issued by the state in order to be legal. Otherwise, it's a marijuana possession charge."

[More in the article.]

We call this a program in principle, and after over six years of blood, sweat and tears, that thrills us at a fundamental level. However, this "compromised compromise" program is still too constructed on pillars of fear and on various fundamental misunderstandings of how medicinal cannabis can best be dispensed.

So congrats on the beginning of the beginning of the beginning, and here's hoping that things keep moving in positive directions until we get back to the level of patient centeredness and sensible cannabis therapeutics voters approved in November, 2018…


Happy Leap Day…


Utah’s governor signs medical cannabis bill into law ahead of program launch

Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed the latest medical cannabis bill into law, clearing the state to launch its program next week.