More on the "incomplete rollout" of Utah's Med C.

As veterans of Madsen SB73 debate of 2016 and the Prop 2 campaign of 2018, we will observe that "incomplete" is a vast understatement where the program could and should be.

As we've noted many times in the last 18 months, max red state Oklahoma approved their voter measure just months before Utah passed Prop 2, and that state set out to listen to what their voters had just instructed them to do without any foot dragging. (Imagine that!!)

In June of 2020 you can maybe find a small and inadequate selection at two locations in this huge state (But you will always find a $100K/year + plus pharmacist to talk to at either. About not much generally, but hey.)

Whereas in Oklahoma it's almost hard to throw a rock in any direction without coming close to one of their THOUSANDS of dispensaries which operate peacefully and safely.

With that contrast, we're just not convinced that our state is proceeding at anything resembling an optimal speed, given that the clear evidence is that it can be done soooo much better.


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