We're pretty sure you're aware of the new legal personal use dispensary that's opened in West Wendover by now. It's been a big mainstream story.

But just to be sure as we start to enter the next decade of trying to achieve real, equitable and lasting cannabis law reform, here's a story about it, and, hey, we haven't featured venerable Wendover Will in our blog for a minute….

….so – inquiring minds want to know – just what is that he's been smoking all these years…???

Also in the story is some advice from our Board Chair and founder, Christine Stenquist about how patients can deal safely with the disconnect in the laws between Utah and its surrounding green neighbors…..

Hoping your new decade is starting off right…


West Wendover’s first-ever marijuana dispensary will finally open on Monday

WEST WENDOVER, Nevada — This border community's first-ever marijuana dispensary will finally be opening. Deep Roots Harvest confirmed to FOX 13 it will open on Monday morning after receiving final approval from Nevada's Department of Taxation. Awaiting that approval had delayed the opening for week…