Well, here this comes….


"Outside Deep Roots Harvest, signs warning that it is illegal to transport cannabis product across state lines greet customers. But company officials acknowledged they may not be able to stop it.

"We can’t stop that, correct," Marshall said. "We do what we can, we educate people and tell them the rules."

Breeden pointed out it is a legal product in Nevada that can be sold to people over the age of 21.

"And when someone leaves our dispensary, again, all we can do is make sure we inform them of the laws and then it’s kind of on them," he said.

The Utah Highway Patrol told FOX 13 it planned no special enforcement of I-80 along the Utah-Nevada border in light of Deep Roots Harvest's anticipated opening. The agency said it would continue to monitor the roads for signs of impairment.

Mayor Corona said he would like to see West Wendover look at the idea of "cannabis lounges" where people could go and legally consume the product.

"I think we need to give them an alternative to defer people from feeling like they need to take it home," he said. "Because currently, you can’t use it in a casino, you can’t use it hotels so that really leaves you no place."

In Utah, the opening has been highly anticipated — both by recreational users (who plan to take their chances) and medical cannabis users. Utah voters legalized medical marijuana in 2018 with a program expected to get up and running by March 2020.

Christine Stenquist of TRUCE released a statement saying, "As our neighbors to the west open a dispensary close to our Utah borders, patients will be tempted to secure their medicine there.

A gentle reminder of a few points of caution: transporting cannabis across state lines is still federally illegal, and affirmative defense letters will not protect you from a transporting charge.

Only purchase products permitted by Utah law. For example, no edibles except for gelatinous cubes, all flower must be in blister pack, and don't exceed a total of 10 grams of THC.

TRUCE will continue to celebrate other states' efforts, but it's no proxy for a thriving and viable program in our own state borders that keeps our dollars close to home."

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In a state with more rational politics, and which might have acted in 2016 when the public was already supportive, this would be a much smaller story. But that's not the state of the state on Nevada's eastern border….


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