Patient and personal users' are not only evolving all over the US, but increasingly around the world as well.

(NOTE: It was the US who was most responsible for spreading cannaphobia around the world in reefer madness days. Prior to that attitudes were mostly relaxed in many countries. Our negative influence peaked with the UN's adoption of the 1961 "Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs" treaty which internationalized the "as bad as heroin" doctrines from the US. The treaty was updated in the 1970s after Nixon "upgraded" the reefer madness doctrine to the horribly harmful/utter counterproductive "War on Drugs," and again in 1988. The UN is currently considering modernizing its policy on cannabis and we expect a decision later this year or next.)

So we often talk about what's going on in other states and in terms of domestic travel, but we've much less often looked at the current world situation from the POV of US users….

"You can’t travel with your cannabis, but here’s what you can expect when you get there.

As legalization spreads, so too does the realization that the medicinal properties of cannabis are hard to ignore. For any medicinal cannabis patients looking for a cannabis-friendly travel destination, (or new home) here are eight countries with the best rights for cannabis patients."

Read on (and how many of the eight did you guess before reading….??)…


What are the International Rights for Cannabis Patients?

Rights for cannabis patients differ worldwide, here's the legal landscape in some of the safest countries for medical (and recreational) consumption.