What exactly does a cannabis czar do?

"[Throughout their history,] the Presidents’ appointed "czars" have never been friendly to the cannabis community [wherever their interests have intersected]. The appointment of the first drug czar, Harry Anslinger, accelerated global drug prohibition. Anslinger’s actions led to cannabis prohibition and the failed drug war that persists to this day. His actions also helped kick start the activist movement that continues to fight against such measures around the world.

Such reform efforts pushed back on the drug czar and the stigma around marijuana. Those shifting sentiments recently brought about a new occurrence in the U.S. government: a pro-cannabis czar. The appointments of several czars across the nation represents a shift on the state level despite the federal government digging in its heels. In each state, these various czars are driving legislative change that meets the needs of the citizens and statewide policy reform."

And, hey, we (Utah) have one… …and he seems pretty supportive of patients within the limits of the law from what we know.

We wish this article had gone into more depth about all the state czars. But it doesn't really deliver on the headline, so clickbaity. But still some info of interest and a topic we haven't focused on…..

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