Consider us unimpressed by a glut of products that we can only consider a CBD craze. The phenomenon is capitalizing on appealing to just about everybody, their immediate loved ones, and down to their second cousins once removed as America jumps in on a fad which draws its roots from its associations with long demonized and prohibited cannabis…

…and every kind of business imaginable is jumping in to capitalize on the hype…..

This article is far from a scientific study, but it would take hundreds of studies to even begin to study the possible efficacy (and possible downsides) of all of these products, and it does indicate the kinds of ways consumers are being enticed to buy what are generally very spendy products filled (in our jaded opinion) often with more hype than hope….

Your thoughts?


Further reading: When two primary ingredients in a product are sugar and CBD, and sugar's listed first, improved health and recovery from suffering aren't exactly the first two thoughts that spring to our mind… ….but are we wrong?


And while they still haven't shed their alarmist roots, here's what FDA has to say about all of this:


What Happened When I Used Nothing but CBD Products for Two Weeks

CBD coffee! CBD pasta! CBD face masks! I consumed it all.