The United States is only bordered by two countries, Canada and Mexico. As of May, both of those will have legal, nationwide cannabis markets.

What does that mean for legalization efforts in the US? Shorter-term, since US federal law has failed to be reformed in spite of huge public demand, and since prohibitionists still have so much sway in many states, how will it begin to effect the US underground market as large amounts of legal cannabis began to circulate in Mexico? And how will that effect existing legal medical markets (like Utah's baby one for example)?

Longer-term, how will the legal US industry be impacted by high-quality, Mexican-certified product which may well be able to undercut prices charged for US sourced cannabis? And will the US industry follow in the footsteps of other home-grown industries of the past and start to move its own production south??

And how will all of this effect trade and other relationships between the US and its southern neighbor? Tariffs? Trade wars? New border tension?

Questions, lots of questions. Here's an article which has been weighing what we know today and where the flash points may be going forward…..


What the Legalization of Cannabis in Mexico Means for the U.S.

With the legalization of cannabis in Mexico, the U.S. may find itself at a tipping point for federal cannabis law changes. It may have no choice.